What to Look For in a Gun Holster

What do a guitar, a gun and a cell phone have in common? They are all pretty important to the owner, they’re all possibly something quite expensive and they all require some degree of protection from being damaged or being separated from their owner.

In the case of the gun, a holster provides weapon protection and is a convenient way of carrying it or concealing it.  It also adds a measure of safety for you and others so that the gun doesn’t fire accidently. 

Protect Yourself and Loved Ones, Lock Up Your Guns

Imagine the heartache upon discovering that your gun safe has been broken into and your gun has been stolen.  Or maybe you don’t have a safe but your gun is missing as a result of an intruder entering your house.  Even worse what if a child finds an unattended gun. The heartache is what happens when the weapon is no longer under your control.  Do they injure themselves or do they injure someone else as a result of your not having stored your gun properly? 

Keep Your Guns Clean Avoid Problems

As a gun owner you no doubt know how frustrating a jammed mechanism or misfire can be.  Malfunctions are a fact of life any time you have metal against metal and especially with a machine that may be exposed to the elements. There could be many causes but improper maintenance and cleaning is often a cause these problems.

Choose the best ammunition for every situation

There have been so many discussions about ammunition in print and online over the last few years. Battles over the “right” or the “best” caliber…the best ammo manufacturer…the best types of materials for ammunition…the right countries to source ammo from…you name it and it has been debated fiercely online. There are a few simple facts that most shooters do agree on that are important to know for anyone who regularly carries a handgun for self-defense. 
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