Made in the USA Policy

Made in the USA Policy

Formally referred to as the United States globally, ournation is commonly and more patriotically referred to as “America”. Since thebeginning, America has been a melting pot of cultures, ideas and moreimportantly, dreams. This has lead Americans to become innovators of technologyand industry on a scale the world has never known or understood andrealistically, might possibly never be emulated again. DNA Tactical firmly andavidly believes in this significant principle of our American heritage andculture and this one aspect was a major driving factor in adopting our “Made inthe USA“ Policy.

Bigger, faster, better and stronger, Americans have alwaysdemanded the very best and will never stop until obtaining infinite success. Anever growing and evolving devotion to technological advancements has propelledour “Armed Forces” in becoming an effective fighting machine and devastatingforce the world has seldom known or witnessed. By virtue of our constitutionalright to bear arms, a large majority of this technology, ingenuity andinnovation is readily available to the average American civilian.

The monumental advancements and consistent growth intechnology have particularly transpired these past few decades. The headway canreally be noticed in product-categories such as lighting, armor, firearms, ballistics,non-lethal devices as well as products like food rations and even campingequipment. These ventures and evolvements in products reaching new frontierscan be solely contributed to the American population with the ever increasing demandin these products. American consumers are always pressing the fact that theyare investing into their lives and require only the very best possible options inequipment & gear. The sky’s the limit with American ingenuity and ambitionsteadily thriving. Thus, generating healthy competition amongst Americanmanufacturers who constantly have to innovate and develop better, stronger andmore reliable products. By committing to these principles and purchasing “Madein the USA” products, you are not only investing into this ever-growingAmerican legacy & tradition, but ensuring that this continued progressendures here in America for years to come!

When purchasing products that are designed, engineered,manufactured and assembled in the USA (Made in the USA), you are genuinelypromoting the continuation of our nations growth in both technologicaladvancements and supporting the U.S. economy. When acquiring a product from anAmerican manufacturer, it transpires the data necessary for designers to identifywhat products are in notable demand. This enables continual progress as well asjustifying what additional components and details should be focused on infuture development.

The nature of our country’s economic system is based andfounded on free enterprise. Better known as “capitalism”, defined as “aneconomic and political system in which a country's trade and industry [is]controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state”, capitalismallows anyone with a new, unique, brilliant or revolutionary idea toessentially establish market value with a product or service. What makes freeenterprise prosper is “free competition”, the ability others have inidentifying what makes a good idea, product or service work and produce animproved, evolved, fine-tuned as well as a cost-effective version. Thisapproach inspires growth, breads healthy competition and keeps the economicwheels turning allotting our nation a strong, promising and affluent future. Inessence, robust opposition and steady competition must materialize domesticallyamongst U.S. manufacturers assuring constant maturity in our countriesfinancial structure guaranteeing the securities vital to thrive and prosper asa nation.

When procuring commodities, brands, products or merchandisethat were manufactured, developed and even designed overseas, we are investingin foreign countries innovation, ingenuity, advancement, growth and evolvement.  Threateningly, this act caters to the growthand success of alternative economies, rewarding other constituent’s cultures,traditions and values. When entrusting offshore materials and products, foreignbusinesses, manufacturers & investors obtain what’s known in business as“Supplier Power”. Financial strength gained primarily through sales,transactions & trade, creates a shift in balance of economic power. Thissubsequently eliminates all domestic leverage like “buyer power”, potential fora “Competitive Rivalry” and even “threat of substitution”, but moreimportantly, instituting a “barrier to entry”. This shift contributes toforeign growth, financial stability & strength internationally, consistentinnovation and development in overseas-markets and economic comfort abroad.This shift hinders America’s economy and infrastructure and forever increasesdependency on outside sources.

Despite unequivocal drawbacks in foreign trade, there arecountless commodities manufactured abroad by innovative and cutting-edgecompanies. These enterprises engineer and design exclusive products (AmericanImport Only), bearing unique traits and assembled amidst first-class materials.Occasionally, selections may become limited and foreign products are literallythe “better” investment; we strongly urge consumers to be impartial, regularlyadvising the psyche that some gear, products and equipment are exclusivelymanufactured offshore and can be the “better” choice at times. On the otherhand, if options do happen to present themselves while browsing, take a momentto consider “Made in the USA” products, we highly encourage our clients tosupport our countries commitment to excellence, economic infrastructure,enduring success and projected growth by choosing to buy “American”.

In our best efforts, DNA Tactical lists and identifies thoseproducts that originate here in the USA (Designed, Engineering, Manufactured& Assembled), regrettably though, not all product origins are alwaysreadily available. We strive to continually update our site for accuracy andkeep our clients apprised with choices and options. We heartily encourage ourcustomers to consider “Madein the USA” products when making final selections. Please refer tovarious tools that have been incorporated for additional insight and guidance.

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