DNA Tactical offers a large supply and quantity of Bullets, Shells, Projectiles, Missiles, Rounds, Slugs, Cartridges and Munitions catering to all firearms, calibers and activities all-inclusively. By far the most important ingredient for a firearm is the proper ammunition required for a specific intent or objective. “You can’t drive a car without fuel and a gun without ammo is simply a paperweight”!

Ammunition are projectiles with their fuses, propelling charges or primers fired from guns and we strive to ensure in providing you the very best possible selections with a vast majority of options for ammo online. A firearms intent is to discharge a round or projectile, but it is the bullet itself that is designed for a variety of different uses and functions. We offer a vast selection in Self-Defense ammo, Target ammo, Frangible ammo, Range ammo and Training ammo. We sell and constantly stock a variety of options such as Hallow-Point (HP Ammo), Full Metal Jacket (FMJ Ammo), Sub-Sonic & Super-Sonic Ammo, Soft-Point Ammo, Ballistic-Tip Ammo, Boat-Tail Ammo, Total Metal Jacket Ammo, Cutter’s and so much more.

Displaying a wide selection in Handgun ammo, Rifle ammo, Shotgun Shells and both Rimfire & Centerfire Ammo, we aim to offer the best ammunition brands and list of options for the best possible prices. We sell top brand names from premium manufacturers like Federal Premium Ammunition, Sig Elite Ammo, Hornady, Remington, Speer and Winchester. When considering the best source to buy ammunition on the web, you should be looking for a company you can trust to provide you with the best choices to specifically suite your needs.

Sorting through ammo on the net can be a very frustrating and confusing process. DNA Tactical is committed to offering you all the information necessary to make the best available choice when purchasing ammo. We also carry a wide variety of Magazines (Firearm Mags), Speed-Loaders, Ammo Cans (Ammo Storage), Reloading Supplies (Powders & Primers) and Dummy Rounds (Snap-Caps & Dry Fire Blocks).

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