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Sportsman's Mat

Item #: OT-AD-3800
Manufacturer: Otis Technology
Unfortunately this item is currently sold out

Sportsman's Mat Description

With over 1001 uses, Otis introduces the water proof Sportsman's Cleaning Mat. The Sportsman's Mat makes for a great gun cleaning mat, and reload mat. It can be used as a seat in the woods, or to kneel on while cleaning your game. This non-slip pad is also great for precision work, resting your firearms on while at the range or on the tailgate of your pickup truck, and much, much more! This neoprene mat measures: 35.25 x 17.75.

For any of us who have cleaned our guns on the kitchen table (or even those who have done so on our workbenches), we know that having the proper place to clean and maintain our weapons is as important as having the correct cleaning tools in the first place. Spilling gun oil on our workbench or leaving particles of lead on a surface designed for eating or food preparation partially negates the rationale for owning and maintaining firearms in the first place: we choose to own a weapon, in part, to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Yet leaving dangerous chemicals and metals where they can be consumed in food or end up on the hands of young ones, is not doing our best to protect those whom we love. DNA Tactical provides mats so that we have a place to perform the vital tasks of cleaning and maintaining our weapons, while keeping our homes safe as well.


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