As durable and as effective as modern firearms are, they still need something that the weapons of old needed as well: cleaning. No matter who the manufacturer is, every single weapon will have suggested regular maintenance in its owner’s manual. No matter how tactical is the firearm and no matter what adverse conditions it is designed to handle and thrive in, weapons have moving and metal parts that require cleaning and lubricating. Even a stored weapon will require moderate upkeep to ensure its peak operation is available the moment it is called upon to perform its duty. A weapon that is fired regularly and exposed to the elements (not just rain, but dust and sweat and even pocket lint can be adverse for a precision firearm) needs to be cleaned thoroughly and carefully using the correct tools and materials. DNA Tactical wants to make certain that the tools you trust to keep you safe when predators (both four- and two-legged) threaten you, your loved ones and the innocents of the world will be at the ready to defend swiftly and accurately.
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