Keep Your Guns Clean Avoid Problems

As a gun owner you no doubt know how frustrating a jammed mechanism or misfire can be.  Malfunctions are a fact of life any time you have metal against metal and especially with a machine that may be exposed to the elements. There could be many causes but improper maintenance and cleaning is often a cause these problems.

So what is a proper gun cleaning routine?  Well, first of all it requires the right tools.  You’re going to require brushes, bore snakes, oils and solvents, pads, mops and a basic gun cleaning kit which in addition to the above includes nylon brushes, flashlight, polishing cloths and a cleaning rod.  All these products and more can be found using this link.

We’ll assume you know the basic purpose of each of these tools but if not click the link above and it will provide all the product information you require.

Guns need cleaning after each time they are used; this is especially true if taking it to the firing range where many rounds might have been dispensed.

You are going to be exposed to some toxic solvent fumes so be sure to find a well ventilated area to clean your gun.  A garage or outdoor shed is good.

Start by unloading your gun, this is the most important thing you will do for your personal safety.  Even though you have removed the magazine there still could be a around in the chamber, be sure to check the barrel from back to front.

Next, disassemble the gun as per the manufacture’s instructions.  Do no more or no less then what is recommended.  Be sure to have a non-scratch surface to work on, old towels are a good choice.

Use your cleaning fluid, cleaning rod and patch holder to gently massage the inside of the barrel.

Push a solvent soaked patch through the bore entering one end and exiting the other.

Remove the patch after pulling it right through the barrel.  Continue to do this with a new solvent soaked patch until it comes out clean.

Apply a few drops of lubricant to the cotton mop and run it through the bore to leave the inside slightly oil coated.

The action needs to have solvent applied to it with your gun brush and then wiped and dried with a clean cloth.  Next lubricate all these parts of the action with a light coating of lubricant.

Any other exposed parts of the gun can be wiped down with a cloth that you have specially put aside for this purpose.  If rust is present on the outside of the barrel then a little WD40 and a Brillo pad will take that off.

Even guns that have been out of circulation for while would benefit from this type maintenance routine.  They are metal and all metal will corrode over time.  This one however is beyond help.

You’re pretty much done at this point, just remember to do this regularly and you will avoid any dangerous incidences or corrosion type problems.

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