Welcome to the Firearms division of DNA Tactical.

This the site where you will find the firearm-specific products, knowledge and advice that you have come to expect from DNA Tactical. Whether you are looking for ammunition, stock or aftermarket parts for your weapon, cleaning supplies and kits, or storage solutions, you will find what you need here. We at DNA Tactical know that you are the first line of defense when protecting yourself and your loved ones, and we want to support you as a responsibly armed citizen in that mission.

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At DNA Tactical Firearms, we have assembled both a team of experts in the field and the most comprehensive and battle-tested equipment for your total firearms needs.

We know that there are as many poor products on the market for firearms as there are stars in the sky, so we have focused our products on only the best and highest quality pieces that will make your firearm safer, more durable and more accurate. By deciding to be a part of the concealed carry lifestyle, you have made a commitment to yourself and your loved ones. We at DNA Tactical honor that commitment and make the same one to our customers: we will do everything in our power to provide the best possible life-defense tools and advice on the market.

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