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Pistol lights have become a viable tool in recent years. There was a time when if we wanted to illuminate a target, we had to carry a flashlight in addition to our sidearm. That time is gone. DNA Tactical has a range of lights that attach to the picatinny rail and trigger guard of most modern auto-loaders.
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Dedicated SMG Forend

Dedicated SMG Forend

Item #: SF-X28LM-A
Value: $649.00 Save: $64.90
X300  Ultra

X300 Ultra

Item #: SF-X300U-A
Value: $299.00 Save: $3.00
X300 V

X300 V

Item #: SF-X300V
Value: $389.00 Save: $38.90
X400  Ultra - Laser

X400 Ultra - Laser

Item #: SF-X400U-A-RD
Value: $679.00 Save: $68.00
X400 V IRc

X400 V IRc

Item #: SF-X400V-A-IRC
Value: $875.00 Save: $87.50
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