Whether we’re lying in a blind and taking aim at a boar bear or just zeroing our rifles for our next expedition, DNA Tactical knows that we need a way to support the muzzle end of our rifle. With that in mind, they have assembled only the best field-tested bipods from which you can select. Whether you need a bipod for a sitting or a prone shooting position, they have you covered. Bipods with connections for slings, push-button leg deployment, soft padded feet as well as spiked feet for certain stability – DNA Tactical has them all.

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Magpul® Bipod 1913 Picatinny Rail

Magpul® Bipod 1913 Picatinny Rail

Item #: magpul-bipod-1913-picatinny-rail
Value: $109.95 Save: $5.50
S-BR Bipod Sling Swivel Stud Mount 6

S-BR Bipod Sling Swivel Stud Mount 6" to 9" Black

Item #: SBR
Value: $137.95 Save: $14.89
XLA Bipod Fixed

XLA Bipod Fixed

Item #: 379852
XLA Bipod Pivot

XLA Bipod Pivot

Item #: 247142
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