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Auto Ordnance M1 .30 Carbine Magazine Steel Black

Item #: MC071AS
Manufacturer: Kahr
Unfortunately this item is currently sold out

Auto Ordnance M1 .30 Carbine Magazine Steel Black Description

Auto-Ordnance Corporation, is a USA based manufacturer of historical military firearms such as the M1 Carbine, WWII 1911 Pistols and semi-auto replicas of the Thompson submachine gun, notorious as a gangster weapon of the Roaring Twenties and famous as a military weapon of the Allied forces in World War II.

You can finally put your collectible USGI magazines away, and use these for every day blasting at the range. These magazines have been manufactured from the ground up with 100% reliability being the primary focus. No corners have been cut to maximize profits at the expense of quality.

Auto Ordnance M1 .30 Carbine Magazine Steel Black Specification

  • Auto Ordnance M1 .30 Carbine Magazine 15 Rounds Steel Black 
  • Caliber: 30 Carbine 
  • Material: Steel 
  • Spring Material: Steel Spring Wire 
  • Follower Material: Polymer 
  • Follower Color: Black 
  • Type: Detachable 
  • Model: M-1 Carbine 
  • Color: Black
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