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SureFire End Mount Blank Safety Device

Item #: SF-BSD-556
Manufacturer: SUREFIRE
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SureFire End Mount Blank Safety Device Description

The SureFire SF-BSD-556 Blank Safety Device, for rifles and carbines chambered in .223 caliber (5.56 X 45 mm), allow for realistic training using blank ammunition. This BSD closely duplicates the weight, length, and feel of it’s equivalent SureFire sound suppressor. This product is designed to safely contain up to three inadvertently fired rounds of M855 ammunition without injuring the shooter or others. The Fast-Attach® mechanism allows for secure attachment or removal of the SF-BSD-556 to compatible SureFire adapters, no tools required.

NOTE: Blank Firing Adapter will only function properly when mounted on a SureFire Suppressor Adapter.

SureFire End Mount Blank Safety Device Specification

  • Prevents injury to the user, and those nearby, should a live round accidentally be loaded and discharged
  • Safely stops up to three live-fire projectiles without damaging the host weapon
  • Pressure relief vent directs hot gas and debris downward and away from the shooter should an inadvertent live round be fired; also emits an instantly recognizable audio cue
  • Bright yellow body color clearly indicates it as a safety device
  • Emulates weight, length, and feel of an actual SureFire suppressor during training exercises that simulate entry/breaching maneuvers, cornering, and room clearing drills
  • Incorporates durable, fail-safe construction and the highest-quality materials
  • Orifice system regulates gas pressure generated by blank ammunition for reliable cycling of host weapons with various barrel lengths
  • Fast-Attach® mechanism allows secure attachment/ detachment in seconds—no tools required
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