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SIG AMMO 300BLK 220GR OTM 20/500

Item #: SGE300A2
Manufacturer: Sig Sauer
Unfortunately this item is currently sold out

SIG AMMO 300BLK 220GR OTM 20/500 Description

300BLK Match Grade Centerfire Rifle Cartridges

Available in subsonic and supersonic, they are designed to bring out the best in today's high-performance AR rifles.


¢ Subsonic rounds, ideal for suppressed AR rifles, features 220gr Sierra Match King projectiles for superior accuracy, increased downrange terminal performance, and low noise level characteristics
¢ Supersonic features 125gr Sierra Match King Projectiles for superior accuracy and minimal dispersion when suppressed
¢ Match grade brass cases
¢ 300BLK functions with mil-spec 5.56 NATO bolts and magazines

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