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Hexmag AR-15 Grip Tape 46 Hex Shapes

Item #: HXGT
Manufacturer: Hexmag

Hexmag AR-15 Grip Tape 46 Hex Shapes Description

Every round counts when engaging your target! Thats why so many sporting enthusiasts, tactical teams and competition shooters trust Hexmag in the field, on the job or at the range. Hexmag continues to innovate throughout the industry with a team comprised of engineers, designers, military veterans, hunters and shooting enthusiasts with one common goal make the best AR-15/AR-10 magazines and accessories on the market.

Hexmag Grip Tape gives you with the ability to customize your Hexmag AR-15 magazine as well as provide additional grip. This grip tape is die-cut into the exact shape to fill the hex-shaped cavities of the Hexmag magazine. One sheet consists of 46 hex shapes and can be used to completely fill both sides of 1 Hexmag magazine (2 magazines if you fill 50% of the cavities).

Hexmag AR-15 Grip Tape 46 Hex Shapes Specification

  • Hexmag Grip Tape 
  • Customizes mag and adds additional grip
  • Die-cut into the exact hex shape
  • Designed specifically for Hexmag magazines
  • 46 hexshapes
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