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AK47/Galil LULA® 7.62x39/5.56x45

Item #: ML-LU12B
Manufacturer: Maglula ltd.
Unfortunately this item is currently sold out

AK47/Galil LULA® 7.62x39/5.56x45 Description

AK47 / Galil LULA magazine loader and unloader.

Loads all:

AK47 7.62 x 39 magazines; and,
Galil 5.56 x 45mm magazines.


All-in-one magazine speed loader and unloader!

Simple to use in either mode
Eliminates thumb pain and injury
Eliminates wear on feed lips
Prolongs magazine life
Lightweight and fits in pocket
Reliable in all weather
Durable reinforced polymer
Tested and combat proven

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